accessible-votingAccessible Voting

Votem is the only mobile voting platform to take these issues head-on, prioritizing accessible voting, for voters who are blind, visually impaired, or have accessibility considerations rendering traditional voting procedures difficult.

  • Votem allows voters with accessibility considerations to use their mobile devices to independently receive election alerts, research candidates and issues, access their correct ballot styles, listen to the instructions and choices read aloud, mark their ballots on screen, sigh their completed ballot packages onscreen, and return their ballots electronically from their private email accounts to their election administrators, all without the assistance of other people.
  • Fully compliant – thoughtful integration of mandates of the federal and recognized access standards including the ADA, HAVA, WCAG 2.0, the Rehabilitation Act (section 504) and others.
  • Votem is accessible, innovative, simple, and will save you money by eliminating the need for purchase and maintain expensive ballot marking machines.

With over 35 million people with accessibility considerations of age to vote, a number that will increase in tandem with an aging population, accessibility and enfranchisement for those with special needs is a large scale and growing problem. Votem will help close the gap of voter turnout for those with disabilities by making it easier to vote.


It combines touch screen, gray-scale, voice command, braille screen input and shake-to-vote technology, making it one of the easiest and most accessible voting devices available.

Shake – To Vote

Our breakthrough patented technology that lets voters cast their vote by shaking the device. Voters hear the list of candidates through headphones and can either shake the device up and down to select yes or shake side to side to select no.

Touch Screen and Voice Recognition


For voters who prefer to cast their vote by using a different method than Shaking, we include touch screen and voice recognition options.

Elimination of Ballot Errors


Votem reads back vote selections at the end of each session, ensuring that the correct selection was made. It also alerts the user when under-voting or over-voting occurs. At any point during a voting session the voter can have choices repeated to them.

Personal Customization for Voters


Each voter can customize Votem’s settings and adjust it to their preferences.
Users can adjust the following:

  • Enable or disable text to speech
  • Adjust the speed at which the text is spoken
  • Speech Recognition Language – Voters can respond in English, Spanish, and Chinese
  • Enable or disable the shake feature