Blockchain Voting Technology for Association Elections

Improve member engagement through democratic participation

As a 21st century association executive, you face a wide spectrum of challenges – including engaging four generations of members, providing proper, robust data security, and running a cost-conscious operation. Rather than your elections being viewed as a check-the-box, mundane task, what if they could instead solve some of these challenges and more?

ASAE Endorsed Business Solution

Votem is Proud to be the provider of the ASAE-Endorsed solution for Mobile Voting. We offer nonprofit pricing and an additional 30% discount for ASAE-Endorsed Voting Solution customers. See our partnership here ->

Our CastIron blockchain-based online voting platform offers the features and benefits associations need and expect, including:

  • Integration with leading association management systems, including Aptify, netForum, NimbleUser, and Your Membership
  • Immutability (past results cannot be changed)
  • Integrity (present results cannot be hacked)
  • Data transparency (every node with access can see the results)
  • Permission-based (only authenticated parties have access)
  • Backed by Government Cybersecurity Protocol with system security that integrates NIST best practices and EAC federal voting system standard, VVSG 1.1
  • Substantive data/demographic analytics capabilities that will allow you to learn who is (and is not) participating in elections for improved participation and understanding which causes matter to your membership.

Ready to transform your elections into a vehicle for
cost effective cross-generational member engagement?

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