7 03, 2018

Civic and Votem Partner for First Ever Decentralized KYC Process

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Civic and Votem Partner for First Ever Decentralized KYC Process Votem is pleased to announce a partnership with Civic to launch the first-ever decentralized KYC process ever. Civic is a blockchain identity-verification technology that allows consumers to authorize the use of their identities in real time. The partnership brings trusted identity services [...]

2 03, 2018

Vote of Confidence: I’ve Seen the Enemy of Elections, and It’s US

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Vote of Confidence: I’ve Seen the Enemy of Elections, and It’s US Recent indictments of Russian nationals in connection with meddling during the 2016 Presidential Election has reignited a conversation about the security of our voting process. The American public is justifiably apprehensive about their votes being taken, sold, or even changed by a [...]

17 02, 2018

Vote of Confidence: Countries Looking Forward

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Vote of Confidence: Countries Looking Forward A few weeks ago, this series focused on two recent voting events in Kenya and Venezuela that demonstrated how the shortcomings of a traditional electoral process cast results into doubt and erode trust between governments and their constituents. The piece illustrated a dire, but nonetheless salient, [...]

2 02, 2018

“Vote of Confidence”: The State of Global Voting

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"Vote of Confidence": The State of Global Voting

29 01, 2018

Vote of Confidence: Kenya and Venezuela

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Vote of Confidence: Kenya and Venezuela 2017 has been as news-heavy as any year in recent memory. Amidst the barrage of stories that streaked across our screens this past year, two, in particular, caught the eye of the staff here at Votem. Contested elections in Kenya and Venezuela led to massive protests and [...]

21 01, 2018

Introducing “Vote of Confidence”

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  Introducing “Vote of Confidence” At Votem, we are consumed by the mission of creating the most democratic voting system in existence. So, naturally, we spend a lot of our time researching the voting industry. Typical news media, on the other hand, does not cover the topics that really pique our interest. Sure, during election [...]

27 11, 2017

Why Are We Still Hanging Around With Chad?

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Why Are We Still Hanging Around With Chad? There is no question that the application of technology to facilitate voting is inevitable. In an age of smartphones and near-ubiquitous internet connectivity, the idea of standing and waiting in line, for hours at a time, in order to cast a vote on a [...]

24 11, 2017

Would You Pay $15.00 to Vote for President?

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Would You Pay $15.00 to Vote for President? We all pay to vote in elections. How? Because the costs of voting machines, poll workers, paper ballots, and overall election administration are typically covered by tax dollars, we’re all indirectly paying for the privilege to vote. Why then as tax-paying citizens shouldn’t we demand [...]

17 11, 2017

Voting for a Mobile Future

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Voting for a Mobile Future How Votem is Improving Trust, Transparency, and Efficiency in Voting Freedom House recently released a report detailing the increased level of ‘meddling’ by foreign entities in national elections. Reports of Russian interference in the U.S. and external influences in at least 17 other countries were highlighted. These findings [...]

5 03, 2017

Voting for a Mobile World

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Elections Re-Imagined - Blockchain, Accessibility & Security Voting for a Mobile World THE PROBLEM Blazing wildfires consumed thousands of acres of woodland across Eastern Kentucky on November 8, 2016 – more than 400 Kentucky first responders took to the 38 active infernos in an attempt to curb their progress and quell the State [...]