28 08, 2015

“Internet (mobile) voting is unachievable …”

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“Internet voting is unachievable for the foreseeable future and therefore not inevitable.”[i] See All, Know All The world is full of experts.    Very intelligent and well-meaning people make predictions about our world every day.   And because we are all human, many experts get it wrong; and some in a very big way. The [...]

7 08, 2015

Even Presidential Candidates Support Our Mission…

By | August 7th, 2015|Elections, Mobile Voting, Online voting, Voter apathy, Voting Rights, Voting Technology|

The Republican presidential candidates were in our great city of Cleveland last night for the debate.  There were clear differences between most of them but in my opinion, only a few truly had a vision for this country.  We are pleased that one candidate in particular who unfortunately did not earn her place on the "main [...]

3 07, 2015

What your smart phone and the 4th of July have in common.

By | July 3rd, 2015|Ballot stuffing, Ballots, Elections, Mobile Voting, Online voting, Security, Vote Demographics, Voter apathy, Voter Turnout, Voting machine, Voting Rights, Voting Technology|

Throughout history, Americans have fought for voter equality and the right to be heard. That’s what America’s Fourth of July is all about – freedom, independence and the right to govern ourselves. But this “right” has not come easily, nor is it truly fair and equal….yet. Since the beginning of democracy in America, people’s rights [...]