Interactive Fan Voting in Real-time

Capture the country’s attention with live audience voting

Votem’s interactive audience voting system lets fans all over the world nominate their favorite athletes for a trophy, induct artists into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or decide on a reality TV competition winner.

Higher voter engagement, real-time results

Unbeatable for live competitions, polls and televised events, Votem results are tallied electronically in real-time, making for a more exciting contest.

Better than existing audience voting systems, Votem allows fans to instantly vote for their favorite athlete, musician, or TV personality from a completely secure, user-friendly app. Multifactor authentication ensures votes are cast legitimately, while top-of-the-line encryption protects fan voter privacy and anonymity.

Featuring 100% accuracy and transparency throughout the entire fan vote process, Votem removes any potential for human error or controversy caused by miscounting or mishandling votes.

Not ready to go 100% electronic?

That’s OK! Votem’s versatile electronic voting platform works seamlessly with traditional voting systems. Transition to the electronic era by providing the option to vote electronically.

Increase voter engagement and get real-time results with Votem.

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