Secure Online Voting for Labor Unions

Labor union elections that run themselves

Well, almost! By disrupting the way we vote, Votem is giving labor unions a smarter, faster and simpler way to run elections.

Secure online voting takes the pressure off election organizers and members by offering:

  • A lower cost per vote: Save money, time, and manpower. No need for paper ballots, voting kiosks or tablets, physical venues or additional staff at polling stations. Votem utilizes existing technology (the voter’s own mobile device), resulting in zero maintenance costs for organizations.
  • Speed: Voters register and vote online in minutes, and results are counted electronically in real-time.
  • Security: State of the art encryption and multifactor authentication gives voters and election officials peace of mind. See why we’re the best.
  • Accuracy: 100% accurate results in real-time. Electronic voting solves the problem of spoiled or rejected ballots (due to being unclear, damaged or incorrectly filled out etc.) and removes risk of human error during manual counting.
  • Certainty: Secure online voting eradicates the ambiguity of voter intent – no more hanging chads.
  • Transparency: Designed to meet the most rigorous standards in the world, the entire voting process can be audited at any time. Zero room for fraud or tampering.
  • Ease: User-friendly for both voters and organizers. Votem can also complement your existing voting system, offering voters an alternative method to vote.
  • Scalability: As your labor union membership grows, Votem will flawlessly scale with you.

By allowing labor union members to vote securely via their mobile device or secure web browser – wherever they are – voting suddenly takes minutes, not weeks.

Show your voters and stakeholders your organization is capable of moving into the future by seamlessly integrating revolutionary technology.

How can Votem help your labor union elections run smoother?

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Votem’s versatile platform also makes voting for schools, universities, and other associations a breeze.

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