Votem’s Judson Neer to chair new Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Council Working Group

The EISCC’s new Cybersecurity Working Group sub-committee will increase cybersecurity awareness and education

Votem’s Chief Architect Judson Neer has been named chair of the Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Council (EISCC)’s new Cybersecurity Working Group.

The working group was formed to increase cybersecurity awareness and education throughout the election subsector and provide input and best practices for current EISCC cybersecurity program and policy initiatives, such as cyber hygiene training, vulnerability disclosure, and secure product development.

“The private sector has an essential role to play in securing our nation’s election infrastructure.” said Mr. Neer. “Election technology vendors, security researchers, and government entities must collaborate to preserve the trust that is fundamental to our democracy.”

In his role as chair, Neer will work with vendor and government leaders to foster diligence and cooperation across the industry.

“Diligence is imperative — security is not something that is ‘accomplished’; rather it’s an ongoing process. No one involved in this industry can rest in this endeavor,” said Neer. “Cooperation is also essential, as no single entity has all the expertise and resources needed to defeat the emerging threat landscape. Security is not a competition; we must instead work together.”

The EISCC is the private sector counterpart to the Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council (EIGCC). Both were formed in response to the designation of Election Infrastructure as a Critical Infrastructure Subsector in early 2017.

Votem is a founding member of the SCC, and has been actively involved since the Council’s inception.