Online voter registration is happening now

By 2018, more than 90% of the world’s population is expected to have mobile technology. Smartphones are trusted daily for online banking, shopping and other transactions, and soon online voter registration through mobiles will become standard too.

Local and federal governments around the world have been moving towards online voter registration; domestically, more than half of US States offer online registration. Along with a significant reduction in election costs, moving online offers a host of other benefits such as increased accuracy of records, higher voter engagement, and accessibility.

The challenge however, has been finding a secure, user-friendly system that is robust and trustworthy enough to manage and protect high volumes of personal data.

Votem’s Online Voter Registration Solution

Built using the principles of user-centric design and feedback, Votem offers a secure, easy-to-use online voter registration system that is a tried and proven solution simplifying voter registration for both voters and election administrators.

Using your mobile phone or secure web browser to communicate with your Election Authority’s voter registration apps and complete your registration online. This allows for fast access to precinct level voting information, easy (re)submission of voter registration applications, automated confirmation emails for submitted forms, and convenient storage of communication records!

Votem has already seen great success in Washington DC and the State of Montana.

How it works for Election Administrators

Depending on individual state/county voter registration laws, Votem could enable election offices to automatically register eligible voters via up-to-date government lists and/or identification (i.e. through social insurance numbers or DMV records).

Accessing these records not only improves the accuracy and validity of voter information, it could potentially add up to 50 million additional voters–not currently registered to vote–to the electoral rolls in the United States alone.

How it Works for Voters

Automatically match your address to the respective government precinct and generate specific precinct information.

Fill out the correct application through your mobile device or secure web browser filling out the forms, signing and submitting through an entirely electronic process (no more incorrect manual transmission of handwritten forms).

Receive confirmation of your application’s delivery and generate a secure and protected record of your registration submission, automatically.


Lower cost per voter

According to The Pew Charitable Trust, other third party organizations and our own experience, electronic transactions result in significant savings for election organizers and taxpayers.

Improved Voter Records

Election officials can access more accurate and up-to-date voter information, and minimize the number of invalid and incomplete voter registration records, ineligible writing on paper forms, or typos due to human error.


Voter records stay connected to each voter, even if they move. The voter can securely access and update their information from anywhere in the world.


High-level encryption and security features ensure voters can register safely from their own device, anytime, anywhere.

Greater Accessibility

Registration is more accessible for absentee, remote, military, overseas voters, as well as the elderly and disabled.

Increased Voter Registration

Making it easier for eligible voters–particularly tech-savvy millennials–to register online boosts the number of registrations.


Both voters and administrators now have a more secure and efficient way to upload and maintain voter information.

Multilingual Capability

No language barriers: enabling voters to register in their preferred language encourages higher participation in elections.

Environmentally Friendly

Online voter registration significantly reduces the amount of paper forms and documents required for traditional registration.

Votem is here to help your next election run seamlessly.

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