Private Elections Voting

Online voting system that revolutionizes private elections

The manpower required to hold traditional private elections is costly and draining on organizations. Months of meticulous planning and promotion, renting expensive venues, setting up and packing down polling stations, managing lengthy voter line ups, and spending hours manually counting and recounting votes.

Your voters and election staff are begging for a faster and more convenient way to vote — one that doesn’t involve line ups, pens, or paper. One that offers 100% accurate results in real time; is transparent, auditable and doesn’t leave room for human error.

There needs to be a more secure, convenient and cost effective voting system that voters and private election organizers will swear by.

Votem online voting is just that

With just a few taps, you can give voters a more powerful way to have their say from their mobile phone or secure web browser…but how does it work?

Votem is a complete end-to-end platform that takes your organization from registration through to results and review. It provides election bodies the ability to offer voter information, online / mobile registration, interactive online voting, absentee / remote voting, real-time vote counting and the ability to audit the entire electronic chain-of-custody.

Instant and secure, this technology which is trusted by states for political elections, can be used to elect an organization’s next board and president; induct musicians and artists into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; honor your sporting association’s most outstanding athletes; vote for your favorite TV personality; or announce state and national competition winners.

With a significantly lower cost per vote than traditional elections, Votem’s versatile platform increases voter turnout and boosts engagement by offering the ultimate voting convenience.

Faster and more accurate election results, reduced costs and increased transparency

Votem simplifies private elections and competition voting for:

Labor Unions

Increase the accuracy and speed of labor union elections. Give members convenient access to the most trusted technology to elect your next president, board members or chapter leaders. Proxy voting and absentee / remote voting has never been easier.


Celebrate high achievers or run your next AGM more efficiently. Impress voters and stakeholders with convenient online voting. Ideal for trade and professional associations, charitable and non-profit organizations, voting for schools and universities, athletic clubs and more.

Fan Votes

Capture the country’s attention with live interactive fan voting for competitions, Hall of Fame voting or trophy voting. Fan votes can be cast in seconds and results tallied in real time. Expect a more exciting competition with higher voter turnout and faster results delivery.

Votem’s fast and secure online voting system lowers the cost and stress of running elections and audience voting while increasing accuracy, accessibility and auditability.

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