Military & Overseas (UOCAVA) Voting

Millions of citizens are living, traveling, studying, working and serving overseas (classified under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act – UOCAVA Citizens). Their votes can be crucial in deciding an election outcome in their home country.

However, the current military / overseas voting system makes it frustratingly difficult for citizens overseas to have their say.

“challenges faced by military voters are immense. As America’s most mobile population, military voters are constantly on the go moving from one duty station to the next. If they have any hope of voting, military voters are required to navigate a confusing array of state absentee voting laws. In many cases, the request for an absentee ballot never comes or comes too late to vote” – Military Voter Protection Project

Problems commonly associated with paper-based absentee voting include:

  • Lost or damaged mail
  • Mail delays
  • Ballots sent to incorrect addresses
  • Hand-marked ballots discarded because they were filled out incorrectly or ambiguously
  • Privacy risks

With efficient, secure ballot delivery and optional secure blockchain electronic return, CastIron protects the right to vote of overseas, military, emergency workers, and voters with disabilities by giving all voters access to accurate and reliable ballot marking while reducing administrative burden.

  • Voters access ballot from any computer, tablet, or smartphone, using their preferred browser.
  • Mark ballots online, download, print, and return via State-required methods
  • Optional secure ballot return via blockchain voting
  • Configurable to meet election needs and future legislative requirements
  • Compatible with screen readers and other accessibility devices
  • UOCAVA, MOVE, HAVA, and ADA compliant

Blockchain Voting for Secure Ballot Return

For states and counties allowing electronic return of ballots, blockchain voting provides significant security improvements, especially when compared to fax or email. Voters can be sure their ballot will be cast in time to count, while retaining complete voter privacy. (learn more)

Privacy and Ballot Data Protection

Modern security protocols bring security and auditability to absentee voting. Data transmitted between a voter’s browser and the election server is encrypted to keep information safe and secure during transactions. The protocol prevents and detects eavesdropping, tampering, and forgery.

Save Money, Time, and Errors

CastIron is designed for ease of use for both administrators and voters. An intuitive interface guides the voter through the on-screen marking, including write-in candidates, limiting risk of voter error. The solution is HAVA-compliant, prevents over-voting and alerts voters of under-voting.

Give your voters and citizens serving overseas a voice – wherever they are in the world

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