Voter Registration & Election Management System

The newest, most advanced VR & EMS ensures the integrity of voter data

CastIron Voter Registration System (VRS) offers unparalleled security and meets new Department of Homeland Security best practices. CastIron is intentionally designed to be modular and scalable, evolving with changes to legislation, technology, and security at a significant cost advantage over legacy systems. The system provides seamless interoperability and geo-redundancy, and other features designed to increase efficiency such as:

  • Fuzzy matching & predictive search function
  • Integrated GIS
  • Easy, customized reporting
  • Scalable and modular
  • Manage elections, candidates, petitions, and voter data from one dashboard

Predictive search makes finding data fast and accurate
Fuzzy matching helps find potential matches in your database, including nicknames! This reduces the chances of entering duplicate voters. Predictive search makes finding what you are looking for faster, so you can move on to other tasks. (Learn more here)

Streamlined Redistricting with integrated GIS
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) maps voters based on an address to a latitude and longitude coordinate. Coordinates are then mapped to assigned voting districts, eliminating issues with voting district lines and streamlining the redistricting process. No more using antiquated street indexes! (Learn more here)

Modern Technology to Mitigate Modern Threats
Encrypted data, both in transit and at rest, employing the most current encryption protocol. Use of tactics such as tokens to prevent threat of Man-in-the-Middle attacks. CastIron is the only industry VRS to apply a multi-layered approach to security.  

Advanced scanning technology for automated form entry
Optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR) speed up the administration process by using algorithms to find matches in your database

Ensure data integrity with seamless integration to external databases
API integration enables communication with outside data management resources, including the National Change of Address (NCOA), Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and Social Security Administration (SSA). Also allows easier data sharing between VRS and PollBooks.

Cloud Hosting
Cloud hosting allows for easy scalability during peak election times, and a cost reduction over self-hosting. The sole job of the experts at AWS GovCloud is to host the country’s most sensitive data, and they have the vast resources and knowledge to do it successfully. (Learn more here)

Proactive, Vigilant Data Security
CastIron VRS is architected and delivered with substantial state-of-the-art security. The remarkable design ensures ongoing security updates that eliminate key threats and dramatically reduce vulnerabilities to voter data and the voter registration process. Security objectives and principles align with Department of Homeland Security best practices. (Learn more here)

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