Join The Mobile Voting Revolution

Votem® is a revolutionary mobile voting platform designed to securely cast votes in elections across the globe.

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Help us Improve Trust and Access in the Democratic Process!


Votem Registration

Using cutting-edge mobile technology along with integration to state registration systems, you will be able to securely register faster than you can say, “let’s go vote!”


Votem Verification

Whether you are already registered or registering for the first time, you will be verified securely and immediately using some of the most advanced, yet simple for the voter, technology in the world. Our #1 priority is ensuring YOUR vote counts.

Casting Votes

Votem Casting Votes

Leveraging blockchain and cybersecurity that surpasses even most government standards, we’ll enable you to vote from practically anywhere in the world from your favorite mobile device. (Or would you rather wait in line at the polling station?)

Collection & Processing

Votem Collection

Our CastIron™ Mobile Blockchain Voting Platform – is verifiable from end-to-end and built from the ground up to serve the needs of our dedicated elections teams.   You’ll be proud to work with an election system that verifiably accurate knowing that every vote was counted as intended.