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The current voting system is ripe for disruption

With an innovative mind and entrepreneurial blood racing through his veins, Votem CEO Pete Martin is a natural candidate for sparking a revolution.

The idea for Votem sprouted back in 2014. Pete Martin had just sold his consulting business and in contemplating what to do next, attended a conference hosted by XPrize Founder Peter Diamandis.

Sitting with 200 other CEOs and entrepreneurs, Pete and his peers were asked to come up with a ‘moonshot impact statement’ that would define their life’s work and become their legacy. More specifically, the attendees were asked to come up with an idea that would positively impact a billion people. Putting pen to paper, Pete unconsciously wrote down: “mobile voting.”

These two words have since become his obsession and intended life legacy.

And so, Votem® was born.

Our mission is to have 1 billion people around the world vote through the Votem platform using their mobile device by 2025.

To meet this impressive target, Pete and his team called on the brightest minds on the planet. In the summer of 2015, Votem ran a $230,000 global innovation challenge through InnoCentive where experts from around the world submitted detailed architectures for a mass hack-proof voting system.

Out of 110 submissions from 32 countries, the winning solution (based on an innovative technology known as Blockchain) kicked off the architecture for our platform, and launched Votem as the revolutionary mobile voting system it is today.

Meet the Team Behind Votem

See how Votem’s mobile voting system can revolutionize your next election.